Highest quality audio now supported by RetailPlayer

  • FLAC: Lossless 
  • Opus: State of the art compressed

For everyone for whom sound quality is of highest importance additionally to MP3, AAC, DTS, AC3.


An all-new Playback and Control Engine

  • Fade-in and fade-out when starting/stopping/restarting/switching.
  • Reduction of the typical startup time for stream playback in less than 10 seconds.


Leading Background Music Delivery just got better

  • Improved portal interface, including the visibility of the currently playing file/stream.
  • New API for integration in your custom environment.

The RetailPlayer is the most adaptive tool, which can solve demanding customisation requirements.

Free Trial of RetailHero

Advanced Audio Files Scheduler allows to schedule announcements and adverts in the most flexible way on a weekly base. Users can simply upload all their audio files into the portal and graphically schedule the play-out by the minute.

This new feature is part of the pay-for extension of the RetailPlayer portal called RetailHero.


More Coming

Our team of engineers improves the RetailPlayer continuously. Additional Fixes include longer stream-names to be displayed properly, it's now clear if the scheduler is On / Off, the QR codes being sent again and we could reduce audible artifacts during shutdown/reboot.


See the full list of improvements on https://help.barix.com/retailplayer/release-documentation.

Or visit the RetailPlayer page