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RTP Stream Spreading/Forwarding solution

The Barix AudioSpread solution forwards one or multiple RTP Streams to multiple destinations. It redirects the stream on the packet level to provide lowest possible latency.

Instead of having multiple sources you can easily scale you’re application with the AudioSpread and one source only! Due to the technical similarity, the AudioSpread Is Integrated into the AudioPoint firmware, even though It's a solution on its own.

Main Features

  • Audio spreading up to 250 endpoints per device (with the 250-user license)
  • Packet-based stream spreading
  • Low Latency redirection (~300 μs on the first endpoint)


Use Cases

Use the AudioSpread for Audio spreading of multiple RTP Streams, as an Audio Gateway for different Network destinations or spreading any kind of RTP based stream.

Multiply an Instreamer

Cross routers to reach different subnets

Multi-Endpoint Paging System

Multicast/broadcast solution on networks that don't support multicast/broadcast

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Ordering Numbers

  • 2017.9217

    Audiopoint EU Package (includes AudioSpread)

  • 2017.9218

    Audiopoint US Package (includes AudioSpread)

  • 2017.9219

    Audiopoint UK Package (includes AudioSpread)

  • 2017.9220

    Audiopoint No PSU Package (includes AudioSpread)

Documents & Downloads


AudioPoint 3.0 Android App
AudioPoint 3.0 Firmware v1.9.4
AudioPoint 3.0 iOS App