Redundix by Barix - Strengthen error resilience in IP-based STL connections

The solution:


Redundix by Barix is a technology to improve the quality of a received RTP stream using two mechanisms:

  • time diverse routing: sending the same audio stream twice: immediately on encoding and also time delayed. At the receiving end, the stream is reassembled, with any lost packets in the first stream being found in the time-delayed stream. This solution heals the effect of network glitches.
  • divergent routing: two streams will be sent using separate network interfaces/routing from encoder to decoder(s). Again, the original stream will be reconstituted at the receiver. This solution will cope with problems or even failure of network infrastructure... up to a point.

Redundix by Barix consists of dedicated hardware units that can either be manually configured or that are supported by the peace of mind REFLECTOR service.


  • Automatic healing of stream where possible leads to less audio glitches
  • Features time and/or path redundancy
  • Multiple interfaces for connection to multiple IP interfaces
  • Encoder/Decoder independent: Can be used with existing infrastructure
  • Web interface for configuration
  • Peace of mind operations through REFLECTOR PLUS service