Annuncicom PS16

Key Features

Professional IP Paging and Intercom Master Station for paging, intercom and security applications. 16 Buttons (expandable), display, redundant power and network connections.Useable as Paging Master Station, Intercom Master Station


The Annuncicom PS16 is a professional, universal Audio over IP Desktop Master Station. 16 programmable buttons, security and redundancy features and built-in audio memory make the PS16 the ideal choice for use as a system master or regional master station in IP Paging and IP Intercom applications.

The PS16 can be extended with available key extension modules with 48 buttons each, which can be attached mechanically and electrically secure. Depending on the firmware, you can use up to 2 extensions.


  • Automatic Announcement Systems
  • Voice Evacuation Systems
  • Digital Annunciator, Message Player, Message Repeater
  • SIP and IP Paging Zone Device



  • G.711, G.722, PCM Encoding
  • MP3 Encoding
  • AACplus, MP3, Ogg Vorbis, G.711, G.722, PCM Decoding
  • IP Streaming via TCP, UDP, RTP, Multicast
  • Power Supply (PoE & Adapter)
  • Supply Voltage (24V)
  • Target/Function Buttons (16) + Key Extension (48)
  • USB Flash Memory Interface (256MB)

Designed in Germany and being used in thousands of mission critical paging and intercom applications, the Barix Annuncicom series is the product of choice for IP based Paging, Intercom and VoIP applications worldwide.

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