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ABCL Kit Firmware

Customize your Barix device to your special needs

The ABCL Firmware helps developers to customize and design BARIX devices to their special needs. ABCL Firmware is fully programmable and comes with all development tools and a range of programming examples to perfectly implement Barix devices into a customer IT infrastructure. Easy to program with any kind of ASCII text editor, the software can be used to control Audio, Network, Serial, USB, LCD display, LED control, and IO control interfaces. Upload the new code as an upgrade to the device or design your program from the outset in your text editor. BARIX Control Language is a simple interpreted high-level language to easily build up your electronic infrastructure. When the market is asking for new solutions, ABCL is the right instrument to implement new ideas.

Main Features

  • Interpreter firmware for free programmable customized application
  • Contains complete development environment (Tokenizer and Web2cob)
  • The ABCL language can be compiled on Windows or Linux
  • Internal webserver for own files/setup
  • Web Pages can include dynamic values
  • ABCL programming allows access to VSC Panel , PS16 display, LEDs, Network, audio, digital IOs, serial and USB
  • Full duplex audio in PCM or G.711 mono (for AnnunFDx application)
  • “Send on Level” mode with fast audio startup (for AnnunFDx application) 
  • RTP streaming with buffer management (for AnnunFDx application)
  • Serial RS232 tunnel bi-directional (for AnnunFDx application)

ABCL Kit Installation

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ABCL Kit Firmware V1.09
ABCL Kit Firmware V1.13
ABCL Kit Firmware V1.14
ABCL Kit Firmware V1.16
ABCL Kit Firmware V1.16a
ABCL Kit Firmware V1.18
ABCL Kit Firmware V1.21

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