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Stream audio to mobiles

Lowest latency to highest compatibilty audio streaming. Send live audio to mobile phones, tablets, desktop computers or dedicated receiver devices.

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Music and ads to many locations

Managed audio delivery for background music providers. Streaming and store & play for business music and audio advertising delivery.

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Build your internet radio

Audio encoders for internet radio contribution with a Barix encoder/Icecast server in a box. Scale up and reach thousands by feeding an external Icecast or Shoutcast server. 

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Moving audio from A to B (and C)

Reliable, simple to use, “always up” encoder and decoders to bridge audio between buildings or around the globe, using standard IP networks.

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Make yourself heard

Versatile intercom and paging / public address solution over IP networks.

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Extend your SIP/VoIP phones

Feed MoH and background music to your phone system. Implement a SIP capable door station. Build a telephone based paging system.

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IP audio codecs for broadcasting

Reliable an cost effective solutions for professional audio transport, STL SSL, syndication and contribution. 

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Develop faster with modules

Using Barix finished and pre-programmed IP audio modules (IPAM) to shorten your development time.

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Remote control and monitoring

Preprogrammed and simple to adapt IoT devices to build customized automation and monitoring solutions.

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Our Service

Reliable and Solid

We create products that last. Buy it once and it runs. Certified and tested in real-life to run 10+ years. 

Specialized Support

The Barix support team contains of audio experts. We help you individually for each specific architecture. 

Up to date

Check the downloads for the latest firmware updates. Barix products are compatible with your system. 


Barix Products can be customized to special requirements. Either by yourself or from our professional audio development team.

Cut your development cost

Every business has its specific needs. Aware of this, we adapt and develop intelligent audio solutions built around your needs. Powerful modules allow for fast and cost-efficient development.

About us

Since 2001, Swiss Barix AG engineers deliver leading-edge solutions in audio and control over IP for worldwide clientele. Barix holds multiple patents in this area. The company’s strengths are its expertise in IP technology, the speed in developing new solutions and the competent support which helps OEM and system integrators to deliver system concepts and solutions that are fast implemented, reliable and very cost effective.

Barix products and its knowledge spectrum addresses a wide area of standard and specialty applications including intercom, paging, broadcast, audio transport audio recording as well as intelligent audio analysis and sound recognition.



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